Mindfulness & Psychotherapy

Pocatello Counseling and Mindfulness for depression, anxiety, stress, trauma and relationships. Located next to Idaho State University in Pocatello.


Work with the power of the present moment in counseling. Many of our challenges stem from

Terry Kerler, LPC

Terry Kerler, LPC

unconscious habitual patterns and beliefs that we accumulate throughout life. These tendencies can be unraveled with mindfulness and awareness skills associated with contemplative counseling psychology.

I address life patterns such as depression, anxiety, addiction and compulsion.

Let me be your guide, consultant or mentor for working with the complexities of living in the twenty first century.

Take stock of how things are going for you.

Be wholly present for your loved one.

Can you feel love?

Do you wonder if there’s more to life than the problems that weigh you down? Perhaps you worry about the future or feel guilty about the past.  You want to be present when you are with those you love but instead you feel distracted by intrusive thoughts. Or you are surrounded by breathtaking beauty yet you can’t quite take it in. Instead it feels as if something is wrong. Something is missing. What happened to joy?

This website is about exploring what is holding you back from living the life you deserve.  When you rediscover your natural wisdom and power, you can work through obstacles and move ahead. You can live life fully.

Explore your life through counseling or psychotherapy.

Counseling for living life fully

Do you enjoy life?

Psychotherapy is a process whereby thoughts, beliefs, motivations, conflicts, and behaviors are explored to solve problems and improve emotional, social, or intellectual functioning.  Contemplative psychotherapy is a special approach that addresses these areas using both Eastern and Western psychology, mindfulness,  awareness, and body based practices.

Areas where I work in:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Relationship problems
  • Reconnecting to life’s purpose and joy

Find the wisdom behind what you are experiencing.

Counseling for letting go

Can you let go in the moment?

When you engage in counseling with me you learn how to turn toward what you are experiencing in a way that brings out your natural wisdom and power. The ability to skillfully turn toward life experiences can be a valuable lifelong skill.

Using mindfulness in counseling reflects a modern trend of blending Eastern and Western approaches to working with the mind.

Learn skills for the rest of your life.

Using mindfulness In psychotherapy strengthens your capacity to be fully present with your experience so that you can work with the patterns in your life.

Counseling for self-awareness and empathy

Are you aware of what happens within and around you?

When you are fully aware of how you are and what you do, you become whole.  You are then able to recognize, “Yes, this is what I am experiencing and, yes, this is a part of me.”  You can then choose a thoughtful response rather than a destructive knee-jerk reaction.  Learning how to orient towards your experience in full awareness and without judgement can be an important first step in working with the issues you face.

Terry Kerler, LPC
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