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I can be reached at 208.557.8603. My office is located on 6th Avenue next to Idaho State University in the University Historic District of Pocatello.

How can I help?

I have specialized training to address issues associated with difficult life patterns, such as addiction, compulsion, impulsiveness and trauma.

What you can do now:

First, understand that counseling is an important financial investment you make in yourself and your life. Review my fees page (in the About section located at the top of this page) and research how you will pay for counseling sessions.

Then contact me at 208.557.8603 to learn more about your issues and what your options are to address them.

I provide a quick 20-minute phone consultation (no charge) to help you figure out what to do next.

Email: terrykerler@gmail.com

Where I am located:

My office is in a quiet, turn-of-the-century house located on South 6th Avenue in the University Historic District in Pocatello. Currently, all sessions are provided through secure online video conferencing.