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You can reach me at 208.557.8603. My office is located on 6th Avenue next to Idaho State University in the University Historic District of Pocatello.

Session fees are prorated based on the length of service you desire. Particularly in resolving traumatic memory using EMDR I find it important to work efficiently yet not feel rushed.  We would decide in advance the length of session you prefer.

The local standard for session length is 50 minutes.  My fee for a 50 minute session is $85.

A 60 minute session costs $100.

The first session is the intake session and lasts 75 minutes. The intake session costs $150.

For EMDR sessions (where longer sessions may be advisable), a 75 minute session is $125; a 90 minute session is $150.

An initial phone consultation is available at no charge.

All sessions are telehealth sessions.